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Art therapists from Northern and Southern California have joined forces to create the California Advocacy Initiative, a campaign for art therapy advocacy in California.

Our objective is to bolster visibility of art therapy advocacy efforts statewide!

The Goal

The goal of the California Advocacy Initiative is to increase art therapy advocacy efforts in the state by gathering more than five thousand letters in support for our field.  These letters are just a first step to increase visibility and to demonstrate the value and efficacy of art therapy on a statewide level.

It is our hope that these letters will foster support for a bipartisan resolution* in the California state legislature.

Trauma Relief Workshop for families in the aftermath of the Carpinteria fires

Why this matters:

We need to advocate for art therapy!  It is important to identify supporters of art therapy and art therapy stakeholders across the state.

We want to create transparency for consumers about what art therapy is and how it can be healing. The California Advocacy Initiative for art therapy is expected to expand art therapy access, education, and services provided by professionally trained art therapists.

What is needed:

We need to collect letters on a LARGE SCALE to support our California Advocacy Initiative.  This includes letters from relevant stakeholders and anyone who has benefited from art therapy, both professional and consumer.

Currently there are more than 600 credentialed professional art therapists serving the State of California serving in a variety of settings.

If you are in any way affiliated with the field of art therapy - including consumers of art therapy, art therapists, educational institutions, businesses, healthcare institutions, insurance companies, treatment centers, community agencies, and other providers of art therapy - please know that you are invited and encouraged to submit a letter of support 
We hope you will feel compelled to share your experience and support this cause.

We have provided a template for you:

* A resolution is an opinion expressed by one or both houses which does not have the force of law. Concurrent and joint resolutions are voted on by both houses but do not require the Governor’s signature.

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