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Art therapists from Northern and Southern California have joined forces to create the California Advocacy Initiative, a campaign for art therapy advocacy in California.

Our main goal is to foster visibility for the value and efficacy of art therapy and gain support for a bipartisan resolution in the California state legislature.

Logo for the week of civic engagement in California

Art Therapy Week of Civic Engagement

California Senate Concurrent Resolution 60 is a resolution that was passed by the California legislature which recognizes the positive impact of art therapy on the state.  Art Therapy Week of Civic Engagement commemorates the contributions of professional Art Therapists within California’s communities.

Our Goal

The goal of the California Advocacy Initiative is to increase art therapy advocacy efforts in the state by gathering more than five thousand letters in support for our field.  These letters are just a first step to increase visibility and to demonstrate the value and efficacy of art therapy on a statewide level.

It is our hope that these letters will foster support for a bipartisan resolution* in the California state legislature.

* A resolution is an opinion expressed by one or both houses which does not have the force of law. Concurrent and joint resolutions are voted on by both houses but do not require the Governor’s signature.


Submit your letter of support in less than 30 seconds.

More Resources

Looking for additional resources about art therapy that you can share with your community?

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The California Art Therapy Advocacy Initiative (CATAI) is a grass roots effort to bring awareness of art therapy to the California legislature.

All the Latest Updates

Learn about the latest developments in the advocacy initiative.

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